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Cleaned, Dried, Restored: Our name says it all. We are a water cleanup company specializing in water extraction and sewage spill cleanup. We are highly efficient at drying out your business, home, office, school or church all the way to the studs. We not only restore serenity back to your stressful situation, but we also restore water soaked carpet {a.k.a. squishy carpet), water-damaged hardwood floors, and even wet furniture in many cases as well. Our IICRC certified technicians are available 24 hours a day to quickly perform any water cleanup or sewage clean-up; whether it is a flooded basement, an overflowing toilet, a burst pipe that has submerged your office, or sewage that has backed up into your bathroom. Call us at 678-919-1108 and we'll be there right away.  And don't forget you can rent your dehumidifiers from us too!

Frozen Pipe

Frozen pipes and frigid temps go hand and hand. Typically pipes freeze if insulation is poor, the weather drops abruptly, or thermostats get set too low. Copper pipes and PVC pipes can burst when frozen water expands. Even a tiny crack in a pipe can allow gallons of water to pour into your home causing water damage. Here in Georgia frozen pipes are not considered a problem like they are in the north. However, the homes in Atlanta are more vulnerable when the temperature drops drastically because pipes run in crawlspaces, attics, and on outside walls.


Prevention of frozen pipes is the best thing to do to avoid huge water damage costs.  A heated area is the best place for pipes. If you are building a new house this is a good thing to have put into the design. Other preventions are to properly insulate pipes, keep the heat set at a minimum 55 degrees, run faucets at a trickle when temps are freezing, and open kitchen and bath cabinets to allow heat to reach pipes underneath.

frozen Pipes

Fill the gaps on the outside wall where air can sneak into your home and get to your pipes. For example where cable and dish wires enter the home.

Frozen Pipe Prevention Tip #1

Frozen Pipe Prevention Tip #2

Let the hot and cold water trickle during major freezing weather. This tip is helpful to pipes that may not be located in the best places like crawlspaces, attics, or outside walls.

If your pipes freeze and burst, shut off the water at the main valve. Next call Cleaned, Dried, Restored to cleanup the water right away. We have a team of plumbers as well to fix the burst pipe. We will get the water cleaned up and your house dried out in no time. We are available day or night, even holidays 678-919-1108.

Never Try to Thaw Your Pipes with an Open Flame!

"Homeowners in the South need to be alert to the danger of freezing and bursting water pipes when the outdoor temperature threatens to drop to 20° F."