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Clead, Dried Restored will promise provide you with the absolute best quality water cleanup service! Our IICRC-certified technicians are skilled in removing unwanted water from your home or business. By using specialized industrial equipment, our water damage restoration professionals can pump large amounts of water from the affected area. Our moisture detection equipment, powerful fans, and industrial dehumidifiers make certain the floors and walls are entirely dry before the job is complete. We are committed to delivering a superior water damage cleanup service in your time of need. Our water and moisture extraction company prides itself on being quick and courteous to respond in the least amount of time possible. We are continually committed to restoring your residential or commercial property back to its original condition in ther least amount of time.

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Wood Floors Water Damage

Wood Floors Water Damage: when it comes to wood floor restoration we are the experts with high standards of service that you can count on. We know your hardwood floor is precious because it adds great value to your home. That’s why when it comes to water damage wood floors we have a strong commitment to bringing you impressive wood floor restoration results within a rapid period of time. Hardwood floors are susceptible to severe water damage when under water from a dishwasher overflow.  Without a quick response and proper treatment it can be an expensive cleanup.

Wood Floor Water Damage

Water damage can leave your hardwood floors saturated and swollen. When this happens, we use industrial equipment and expertise to dry out your hardwood floor. Our certified tech has spent years providing top-notch techniques that restores hardwood flooring after water damage. Our collective experience has allowed us to produce results that we enjoy sharing with our customers. We offer unmatched results that meet all of your expectations. No matter the size or the severity of the wood floor water damage we can help. We have friendly techs here to help you 678-919-1108.

Neglected standing water from spills.


Leaks from home appliance  dishwasher, hot water heater, or leaking pipes etc.


Water puddle from leaking ceiling.


Suffers with excessive water overflow in bathrooms or laundry rooms.

" We offer unmatched results that meets all of your expectation."

Allow us to help save your hardwood floors with our professional restoration services!

 Some Cause of Woodfloor Damage

Wet Wood Floor

Wet Wood Floor

Wood Floor Water Damage